We are concessionaires of the hunting ground Crni vrh and Debeli vrh, located in mountain Mala kapela and Velika kapela, close to town Ogulin - one hour driving from Zagreb.

The grounds have together more than 20 000 ha (cca 85% of forest).

Part of the hunting grounds Debeli vrh contains more than 1000 ha enclosure used for breeding red deer, fallow deer and wild boar.

Hunting ground maps in PDF format.
Gamalov Lovista Crni Vrh 1
Gamalov Lovista Crni Vrh 2
Gamalov Lovista Debeli Vrh 2
Gamalov Lovista Debeli Vrh
Gamalov Lovista 5
Gamalov Lovista 6
Gamalov Lovista 7
Gamalov Lovista 8

The hunting areas are inhabited by three large predators; bear, lynx and wolf; protected species in Croatia.